the good news: stop counting calories

How to lose weight fast

To eat natch is to lose weight fast by keeping your blood sugar level low, while having the opportunity to cheat with your favorite dish from time to time. If you are trying to lose weight fast, or if you want to maintain weight, or if you simply want to live a long lasting healthy life, natch will show you the way: Without the annoyance of cutting back and counting calories.

why we gain weight


Food with a high glycemic load lets the body’s blood sugar level rise. The high blood sugar level (glucose) triggers insulin which brings energy to the cells. Excess energy gets converted and stored as fat. Fructose, which negatively influences the body’s appetite hormones, and high glycemic index foods (sugars and refined carbohydrates) are responsible for weight gain. Get the full story about fructose by watching Dr. Lustig’s presentation.
It is of the essence to reduce fructose intake to a minimum and eat low glycemic foods to avoid the blood sugar level roller-coaster as shown in the illustration to the left.
How can we keep the blood sugar level low? This is easier than you would think. Just use ingredients with a Glycemic Index of 35 or below. Browse the fast & yummy natch recipes, they are all made for daily intake.
Eat as much natch food as you like until satiated and lose weight fast.

Quit counting calories. Eat as much “n”-food until satiated.

weight-loss programs

Food absorption and why counting calories is pointless


The chart to the left makes it clear that counting calories the traditional way is absurd.

Carbs: If you eat 300kcal of green beans, with a glycemic index of 15, the body will absorb approximately 45 kcal in the form of glucose. On the other plate, 300kcal of baked sweet potatoes, with a glycemic index of 90, will result in a carb absorption of 270 kcal.
To learn more about carbohydrate absorption check out this FAO Food and Nutrition paper.

Fats or fatty acids: A similar picture is given with fat absorption. Saturated fat is not the bodies first choice of an immediate energy source. Saturated fats have a higher potential of getting stored than MUFAs/Monounsaturated fats, which have a tendency of immediate absorption unlike PUFAs/Polyunsaturated, especially Omega-3, which can be circulating in the blood stream until needed by the body. Another good example for miscalculating calories is cheese: Due to the fermentation process, a non-absorbable fat-calcium formation is not available as an energy source for the body. Therefore, the same amount of fermented dairy products (yoghurt, cheese) have a completely different effect on the body than non-fermented dairy products (e.g. milk).

Proteins: Animal proteins are absorbed 100% by the body’s intestine. A very different picture can be drawn for non-animal protein absorption, which can go as low as 30%. Therefore, to choose the right vegetable proteins, in the right combination, to generate complete protein intake and the right amount is crucial in a Vegan or Vegetarian diet.

On top of that, absorption rates are influenced by additional factors as well: How is the food cooked: baked, boiled, fried? How long? What gut bacteria types and what bacteria levels are present?

Conclusion: You can gain a lot of weight by counting calories and staying within the Government’s calorie intake recommendation (e.g. 2200kcal for men 31-50 years according to the USDA list) by eating the wrong food.
Stop this nonsense and have fun eating the right food until you are satiated – make your life easier, lose weight fast and gain energy by following the natch programs.

What is with my beloved spaghetti?

Don’t worry you can have spaghetti. You can eat everything you want, just follow the cheat-% and you will succeed.


It clearly is a paradigm shift to eat natch. For the first 5 weeks “w” or “e”-meals should be excluded from the diet. This gives the body time to rebuild its insulin sensitivity to normal. The body will adapt to the new regime quickly and will enjoy the low glycemic food. Cravings will vanish and you will lose weight fast. If you consider a program including intermittent fasting your body will generate energy from fat only. This might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but the result will convince you quickly. Fasting an entire day or on two consecutive days will transform your body.
In this beginning stage try to avoid cheat meals. If you want to lose weight fast, don’t plan to cheat, keep it as a reserve for social/special events, there will be plenty! Once a week (=5% of meals in a week) you can eat whatever you like. To minimize weight gain have this cheat dish a day before you start the fast or soon after breaking the fast. The PHASER programs can be repeated 2-3 times a year. The PHASERplus program, combined with intermittent fasting, aims to maximize weight loss. Shop for the starter programs PHASER and PHASERplus.

The fun begins here. You are at or close to your target weight. After mastering the 5 week starter program you are ready to enter the balance mode. Even after dropping a lot of weight in the starting phase, overweight people can still lose weight fast. The weight drop will not be as fast as in the beginning but will continue. A lot of people may stay in this balancing phase long term and are able to perfectly maintain their feel good weight.
10% of all meals (or 2 times per week) you can have any dish you like and you will see how your digestion is and if you maintain the body weight. Shop for the 10 week maintaining programs BALANCER/BALANCERplus.

Want to have a stronger body? Exercise smart and strengthen your muscles, especially the core and back. More muscle strength will support your joints, bones and spine and you will burn more energy. Energy in – energy out is an out-dated belief when you want to lose weight fast. This is because the body can adapt to less energy without losing weight if the time you eat and the kind of food you eat is not ideal. On the upside, the more you exercise the more you HAVE to eat: Active people and athletes are breaking down muscle cells (rebuild with protein), depleting storage of muscle energy (fuel with carbs) and emptying the body of micro-nutrients (reload with vitamins and minerals).
Active people can add one additional cheat dish per 90 minutes of intensive exercise. Furthermore, after very intense and long workouts (e.g. races) it is recommended to eat a dish high in carbohydrates combined with protein. Find recommended workouts on MOVE at natch.

The natch-dial: Your tool to success!

This dial is the essence for your daily nutritional life.

click dial image to enlarge


How to read the natch-dial

The dial has 4 colored segments. Each segment stands for a specific group of foods categorized in
daily/moderate consumption and weekly/pure pleasure exceptions. Check the details if you want to lose weight fast.

eating natch in a nutshell