Shoppinglist generator: Simply essential!

Having a big party? Planning a family reunion over for the weekend? There are a lot of tasks and things to organize. Let the Shoppinglist Generator help you! Simply pick ALL the recipes you want to cook and enter the number of people the specific recipe will be for and the Shoppinglist Generator will automatically calculate the amount of every ingredient you need to buy. Click and done!

Save: If you want to save your menu, please use the “SAVE” button and note the URL for re-access.

Print: You can print your shoppinglist only with the button “PRINT SHOPPING LIST” or you can print the shoppinglist AND all needed recipes with the button “PRINT MENU”.

Erase: A recipe too much? Wrong recipe in the Shoppinglist Generator? To erase a recipe simply drag it down and drop it at the appearing red bar.

It makes life and going for groceries much, much easier. Enjoy. Do it, natch!

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