5 Week Easy Weight Loss Plans for maximum weight loss

Where do you start? First of all you have to decide if you want to give Intermittent Fasting a try with the PHASERplus program. It will boost your health and weight loss goals, but to fast is not easy at the beginning. Two days of fasting per week might be difficult for some. If you don’t want to lose weight that fast go with the standard PHASER program. It is still one of the most successful weight loss programs in the natch family and a great program for beginners.


10 week Easy Weight Loss Plans for fast weight loss and weight management

These Easy Weight Loss Plans are developed to maintain your feel good weight or to ensure ongoing weight loss after you have finished a natch starter program. The BALANCERplus program includes Intermittent Fasting which is a great rejuvenating and weight loss tool. If you don’t want to fast, the BALANCER program is the way to go.